Hello world!

Hi!  We’re John and Etsuko Martin. John from Kentucky in the USA and Etsuko from Yokohama in Japan.

Followers of Jesus. On a journey. Now in Japan.

“Johnetsu,” a name that obviously combines how our names are written. And although pronounced a little differently, also one of the ways of putting in Roman characters the Japanese word for “passion.”

Our vision, our passion:  Building relationships and working to let Jesus work through us to call people into God’s Kingdom, even as we work to know Jesus better ourselves.  Coming alongside people who are already Jesus followers and accompanying them on their journey, celebrating with them how God’s worked, and is working, in their lives, and encouraging them.  Helping to enable people—both in Japan and elsewhere—to use—both here and elsewhere!—the gifts God’s given them, so that many people in this world will know Him.

We hope to share through this blog some of the things we’re learning on our journey of “passion” and how we’re working to live all of that out.

Simply. Not perfectly. But we hope authentically.


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