Our deep, deep desire:  that the Japanese people will know they are loved, will know Jesus, and will become more like Him, even as we know more deeply how loved we are, know Jesus better, and become more like Him ourselves.

At least 125 MILLION Japanese people do not know the one true, living, loving, all-powerful, creator God who loves each of them and gave Himself for them, to give them joy and hope and purpose in life, and to save them from hell.

We’ve worked in a variety of places and ways as a family serving together in Japan since 2002–for example, at two Japanese universities, with several different church fellowships and ministries, and in our home, hosting a simple church, praying, caring for people, planting seeds of the gospel, teaching English and the Bible, encouraging fellow disciples, listening, ministering in the earthquake- and tidal wave-affected areas of northern Japan, and, most importantly, working to learn and live out what it means to be Jesus followers and to BE church–using the gifts God’s given us and learning from the life experiences God’s graciously led us through.

Our situation as a family now living together near the Christian Academy in Japan where our son is a student is giving us some special opportunities to learn and pray and serve–like our serving as prayer coordinators for his grade. And for us to be actively involved with our son in other ways, too, during this never-to-be-repeated time in his life.

We pray that our involvement with the school community will be a blessing and that God will work through us to help all the students, and their family members, know the living Lord.

We do want to join God where He’s working, both in Japan and elsewhere in the world. And we want to point others to where they can experience God’s love and where their gifts and character might be used and developed further, for His glory.

From the beginning of our time in Japan, many different kinds of denominational and non-denominational Jesus followers and churches have been on “our” sending team. We’re grateful for our team and our service together, for we couldn’t be here without what God’s doing through the churches and individuals on that team!

Like John the Baptist who said, “He must increase, but I must decrease,” we pray that we will always point people to the Lord, for His kingdom and for His glory, and not be tempted to build any kind of “kingdom” of our own.

Please pray for the people here and for us.

We’re serving in Japan through the Reaching Japan Together Association–RJTA.

Information on RJTA is here:  http://rjta.upgjapanmissions.com/joomla/index.php

Information on how to send offerings for our support and to help us meet needs is here: http://rjta.upgjapanmissions.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=213&Itemid=255

John and Etsuko Martin


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